Alejandro Asleep full body Solid Silicone in Ecoflex 20. Sculpted and painted by Laura Tuzio-Ross. Molded and Cast by D3 Creation. He is the #1 of the edition of 20.

December 31, 2013.

Alejandro in full body was a limited edition of 20 awake and 10 asleep.

Alejandro asleep’s details:
Ecoflex 20 pure platinum silicone 9lbs 1oz
19 inches long legs bent
Seamless body and arms
Ball jointed head
Full interior of mouth
He is all boy! Anatomically correct! Alejandro was sculpted from life! 
Full veining, mottling realistic skin application of 2013.
Professionally Re-Rooted by Mary Oke, 05/2022, with Silk Effects Mohair in medium brown.

Please note: Alejandro is 9 years old. I am NOT repainting him.

I have had him professionally rerooted and I gave him new lashes, and applied new matting.

He comes with his original COA. If I find his original embroidered outfit, I will send it.

I am NOT making any other alterations to him.

HE IS AS IS. Alejandro is in great condition. I will NOT change his lashes, hair, or do anything to his painting.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 10 × 8 in
Alejandro Asleep #1/15, Full body silicone,Laura Tuzio-Ross, 2013
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