Welcome to Suzon's Corner. A website created in remembrance of Suzon Mathis and her amazing and beloved Baby Doll Collection.

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Suzon’s sister Mary has also been a lifelong collector of Lee Middleton, Madame Alexander and Laura Tuzio-Ross dolls. Mary has an amazing collection and is going to begin to place some of her treasured dolls on Suzon’s corner with the hopes that, they too, can find new loving homes.

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Sue was passionate about her baby doll collection, and had lovingly given each one attention, sometimes redressing, renaming and making jewelry and quilts for them. Over the next few months I will be bringing her babies to my house, a little at a time, and will go over each one to make sure they are ready for their new Mom. As we re-home her collection to help her husband Les, please remember that all the babies were loved, and I have done my best to make sure their condition has been noted, and clear photos taken.

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